Orthodontic Treatments

Actual cases that exemplify improper bites, dental crowding, and missing tetth that were diagnosed and corrected by Dr.Magoulas.


Open bite

Patient presents with severe upper and lower crowding as well as a dental and skeletal open bite.





Crowding of the teeth case2
Patient presents with severe upper and lower dental crowding. Treathment completed in two phases with no teeth being extracted.



Patient presents with upper and lower crowding with an upper midline shift to the right.




Patient presents with severe upper and lower crowding with both sides in molar crossbite.




 Patient presents with severe upper crowding and upper lateral front teeth in crossbite.









This patient presents with an excessive overjet and severe overbite. Lower teeth not noticeable.




Patient presents with missing adult upper canine teeth (when present are the 3rd teeth from the center) and upper laterals in crossbite.




Patient presents with a missing adult upper left lateral (Normally the 2nd tooth from the center. A baby tooth is in its location) and an upper right peg (small) lateral. The upper left baby lateral was rremoved and all the teeth behind that baby tooth were advanced forward. Space was left in front and behind the right peg lateral for a future bonding.


A 71 year old patient presents with an improper bite and severe lower crowding. One lower front tooth was removed to achieve the desired goal.