Meet the Staff

The Front Desk Staff of Shrewsbury Orthodontics

Sandy and Cheryl (photographed in that order from left to right) provide a friendly and professional atmosphere to the front desk. They have been with Shrewsbury Orthodontics for many years. Their secretarial and financial expertise provide you with an efficient and friendly front desk experience. This experience includes working with you and your children’s difficult schedule, quick computer pre determinations/electronic claims on your specific insurance, thoroughly explaining and writing workable payment plans, and patiently answering any questions that may concern you.

The Orthodontic Assistants of Shrewsbury Orthodontics

Janice and Alison (photographed in that order from left to right), provide a very friendly, caring, and professional environment. Their assisting expertise span 25+ years which help to make you and your children’s visit clinically excellent and comfortable. They have worked together with Dr. Magoulas for 20+ years so work efficiently to help accomplish treatment objectives. They are trained in all the proper sterilization techniques as well as properly certified to keep you and your children safe. Dr. Magoulas is proud of his staff, and wants you to leave with the same feeling.