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Key Advantages of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is more than just a beautiful smile! Aligning your teeth and jaws when you’re a child, or aligning just your teeth when you’re an adult, has multiple key advantages for your overall oral health: Aligned teeth make it easier to clean around your teeth; giving you an oral environment where you are less prone…
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Why is it important to uncrowd adult teeth that are impacted?

Adult impacted teeth are teeth that are blocked out by other teeth or tipped in another direction heading toward the roots of other adult teeth. In many cases, the baby version of that adult tooth is still present because the adult tooth is not directly above the baby root to eat away and loosen/remove it.…
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Why wearing your retainer for life is a good idea?

To start, teeth are not in concrete. Every tooth has a root, and around that root is a ligament that allows the tooth some small movement. It is this little bit of play that helps us to prevent fracturing teeth due to the heavy forces of chewing (such as a building or bridge has movement…
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